Mar 20, 2011

Zeke Camusio's 17 Tips for Promoting a Book on a Budget

A big Thank You to author Patrick Sipperly for bringing the following post to our attention: 17 Tips for Promoting a Book on a Budget by Zeke Camusio. There are some really great tips here for authors as you move into the realm of marketing once you get Beyone The Last Page.

According to his bio, Zeke Camusio is a successful business, "Internet Marketing Expert" (so named by Entrepreneur Magazine), and author who founded the Marketing and Business Foundation,a non-profit dedicated to teaching Internet marketing skills to small business owners for free so they can grow their companies and hire more people. His 17 tips are worth taking a look at. This guy seems to know his stuff!

Feb 1, 2011

Arms of an Angel Book Trailer

I have a new video trailer for my newly released Arms of an Angel. I'm pretty excited about it and I have to say working with Pat Sipperly of Arizona Video Company was wonderful, as it always is. I hope you'll take a few minutes to watch the video and let me know what you think. The experience of getting this book into the hands of readers has been remarkable. A big thank you to those of you who have read it and an extra hand of applause for the ones who took the time to review. GREATLY APPRECIATED!!! Enjoy the trailer!

Jan 29, 2011

Selling Your Book

Once you're finished with the want people to read it, right?! My friend and bestselling author Andrew E. Kaufman recently talked to the San Diego chapter of Sisters in Crime about Selling Your Book. I encourage you to jump to his blog, The Bottom Line, and see what he has to say. His number one lesson is to never give up. He talks about the evening out of the playing field for authors these days and gets into some key ingredients for finding success. There's a lot of good information in his post!

Dec 7, 2010

Writing While the Rice Boils

Every so often we stumble across a blog that we believe to be a great resource. Debbie Allen - a friend from, a FaceBook friend, and a follower of this blog - happens to have such a blog. The name says it all: Writing While the Rice Boils - Resources for writers with little time and even less money, who are on the journey to publication. Time after time, Debbie posts information that is extremely useful as well as being a bit outside the box of what is being presented elsewhere. She presents the information in a nice, concise manner and provides links for further investigation.

So, from her Links of the Week, to her Agent Friday, to her posts on Getting Organized as a writer, to many, many more ... we would like to offer our kudos to Debbie Allen (who doesn't know we are posting on her, btw!) on her blog and encourage you to jump over and take a look. We think you'll enjoy the fantastic resources provided by the author of Writing While the Rice Boils.